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Lola Faturoti

Obama commemorative dress

Price £375.00

This collectable silk-print President Obama commemorative dress is designed by US-based, Nigerian-born designer, Lola Faturoti and is exclusively available from ShopCurious, as featured on the Daily Telegraph website. In Nigeria, they mark a speical moment in history with a commemorative fabric and Lola has created a one-of-a -kind silk print to celebrate the election of the first African American President of the United States. She has combined this with her own version of the Ashante Kente cloth (as worn for celebration by the Ashantes in Ghana). The text on the dress reads "Oluwa gba President Barack Obama", which is Yoruba for "God bless President Barack Obama"  100% silk jacquard with solid black chiffon hem panel and chiffon neckline with tassel. Pre-order your dress for delivery in four weeks.

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Stylish and comfortable to wear, this loose fitting dress will be perfect for the summer. It's also a collectors' item, so would make a great investment to be enjoyed by future generations as a display piece, or an iconic fashion heirloom.

Susan x

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