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Retro perspex preserve pot - lemon

Price £27.50

Curiously cute vintage perspex preserve pot with fresh lemon inlaid lid and separate perspex spoon. Probably from the 1960s, this was made to be centre table at every tea time event, or perhaps even at breakfast. Measures approximately 12 cm high x 8 cm diameter. Looks to be in perfect condition and possibly unused.

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I love this, it's so pretty and typically English country picnic style, though I suppose you could fill it with homemade lemon curd (or if you're lazy, buy some) wherever you happen to be in the world. You might just like to keep this as an ornament, or use it for something a little more curious than jam. The choice is yours, but there's no doubt that this is a very arty and stylish retro lemon preserve pot.

Susan x

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