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Thea Cadabra

Hand crafted black leather spider's web belt

Price £450.00

One of a kind belt by StyleCurious featured designer, Thea Cadabra. This black kid spider’s web belt with iridescent beads, silver underlay and rhinestone buckle fastening was made by Thea in 1983 and is inspired by ‘the beauty and magic of a spider’s web drenched in dew.’ Thea uses appliqué, underlay, punching and padding (for raised effects) in each of her unique, hand crafted creations, which are all lined with natural vegetable tanned calf leather. This belt measures 28.5” (73cm) and is approximately 5” (12.5 cm) at the widest point, tapering to 1.25” (3.25 cm) at its minimum width. The belt is in mint (unworn) vintage condition and comes packaged in colour co-ordinated gift box, together with a signed certificate of authentication - including details of personal inspiration for the piece. The perfect accessory for Halloween, this belt would also make a very special heirloom gift.

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Every one of Thea’s belts is an amazing work of art – and beautifully handmade with incredibly intricate attention to detail. This level of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to invest in a collectable piece of designer vintage wear by one of the country’s most accomplished accessories designers, then look no further. Of course, these belts are also wearable fashion accessories – and will appeal to lovers of arty style, retro design and all things unique.

Susan x

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