Alternative Easter Gifts for Extraordinary Times

Here at ShopCurious we would like to make sure you safely receive and take delivery of the things you order. That’s why we have handpicked a selection of curiously useful items from Amazon’s UK website, to ensure you can access slow style with the speed and efficiency of 21st century distribution. 

We have chosen these pieces for their uplifting colours – a vibrant take on traditional Easter pastels, including hot pink and neon yellow – but also available in more sombre shades, if the occasion requires. These gifts and accessories are mindfully curated to be environmentally friendly, or essential to life in the time of Coronavirus. 

Simply click on the links or photos below to buy.

The products in our Easter collection include naturally anti-bacterial Beeswax wraps to keep food and drinks fresh whilst you self isolate (above). There are also pampering products to pep you up, including Rosehip and Pumpkin oil to revive ageing flesh (highly recommended), and a delightful natural scented water, below, though please don’t be tempted to drink it. 

As you pad around the house or garden, you might enjoy a pair of curiously colourful and on trend Castañer espadrilles in neon brights. 



And, as you work out – outside in the sunshine, or in the self-isolated splendour of your living room - you can sip water from a matching pink water bottle by Chilly’s, and we also love the stylishly sustainable metal flask by Lotus Crafts. 














If you’re venturing out to do some essential shopping, a protective visor may come in handy. We’ve found a design that will enable you to be colour co-ordinated, though, if you prefer, it is also available in bog standard black. There is a little wait time for these items, but we probably won't be allowed out until they are ready for delivery. Meantime, you could always make your own visor using a piece of clear plastic (perhaps with a transparent acetate sheet, or open sided office file?) Simply punch out a hole in each side of the plastic, about a quarter of a way down, and place glasses or goggle arms through the holes to create a basic face protector. There are several variations of this design available online, some using double sided tape, or even glue, but this is the simplest and easiest for DIY novices.







And, should you be missing your friends, you can always send them a Good Karma lucky red string bracelet. It fits perfectly inside a card, and will be much appreciated as a token of your friendship. 


In the meantime, please keep safe and well, but also stay curious. Will you? 

PS For those wanting a more traditional and equally useful Easter present, this curiously characterful mother-hen-in-a-nest egg holder is the perfect solution.