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A very curious shop indeed

If you have occasion to visit Hackney in London, Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors is quite an eye opener. Across the window are painted the words ‘Those easily offended by death and decay should stay away.’ It also says the shop is for over 21s only, though small children are probably taken in droves to be entertained by the freakish curiosities housed in this unique little gem of a museum...

The curious assortment of items on show include a foetal piglet, labrador testicles, a golden pig’s snout, a mummified rat, an Aldabra tortoise, along with scary Gary Glitter memorabilia, Furbies, the death mask of Napoleon, plus plenty of shrunken heads and specimens in old looking jars full of murky fluid.

Upstairs is a shop and an exhibition space that’s available for hire. Here you can buy unusual pieces of history and taxidermy like stuffed crows and peacocks.

To satisfy your intellectual curiosity there’s also an affiliated club – The Last Tuesday Society, with regular events including talks on esoteric subjects, as well as rather gothic sounding dressy evening occasions like the annual Halloween Ball.


By worm on 23/08/2010 13:35:03

brilliant! I love all this kind of stuff - looks like a replica of napolean's death mask in the foreground of the last pic?

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