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Analogue inspired retro-progressive redesign

A nostalgic love of designs from previous decades has resulted in the booming market for vintage products. Whilst one-off vintage pieces are still much sought after, vintage inspiration is being incorporated into modern designs, creating arty, retro-inspired fashion accessories and home furnishings. Analogue influences from the machine age are becoming popular, alongside retro-progressive creations, influenced by postmodernist, pre-digital popular culture. Look out for reinterpretations of items such as typewriters, cassette players, pre-digital cameras, old fashioned camcorders – and even vintage fighter jets:

Jennifer Collier remakes household objects using unusual paper fabrics – by bonding, trapping and stitching – treating the papers as if they were cloth. Jennifer’s work is all about giving new life to things that would otherwise be thrown away, for instance old typewriters, telephones and sewing machines.

The latest psychedelic take on retro-cool includes Neon Green’s back packs and analogue style accessories (complete with fully working digital speakers).

Trendhunter recently reported on a soon to be launched product that is “one of the many options to conceal booze”.The ‘Drinkman’ flask is a “product that will bring nostalgia to those born in the ‘80s.” The flask is shaped like a classic Walkman, complete with large buttons, tape deck and tape.

The vintage-style Lomokino video camera even uses 35 mm film:

Andrew Martin included an actual fighter jet, complete with open cockpit and other analogue paraphernalia in a recent interiors display:

Vintage airplane styling was the inspiration for Korean designer Han Sung Jae’s Airplane speaker system – made from birch plywood, brass and staninless steel.

Cleo B’s It’s Like That accessories collection pays tribute to the 1980s – “old-school hip-hop, a rainbow of electric colours, glistening gold hardware, boom boxes and a new attitude that is fierce, daring and far-out.” Cleo’s collection features custom-made cassette heels, Sucker MCs clutch bags and glitzy retro-style earrings.

Typewriters and telephones have already featured widely on packaging and will continue to do so for laptop/tablet cases/men’s shoulder bags. Analogue machines will also be the props of choice to complete a retro-cool image in vintage themed window displays and in-store showcases.

Lily’s Lightbox Company makes lamps from period chests of drawers and handmade acrylic photo slides, featuring decoupaged images and thoughts. They are illuminated with “poetic composition, combining nostalgia with modern image manipulation.”

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