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Arty accessories: curiosity gloves

Accessories designers, hoping for another cold winter, have put great efforts in to creating unique gloves for the coming season. Longer length leather gloves are becoming especially popular, even for daytime wear. In general, glove designs are becoming quirkier and more individual, as current fashion themes and key trends are reflected in curiosity styling and wearable art.

Yang Du’s colourful knitted gloves (above) feature clowns and animal heads on the fingers. For lovers of curious mittens, she’s also created a matching range of characterful glove puppets.

Clemency London’s gloves are embellished with unusual metal pin starburst designs.

At Who’s Next in Paris, an exhibition of glove designs highlighted a number of happening trends:

Pop art and neon shades:

Punk and metal spikes/studs:

Curiosity eyes:

1970s rainbow style designs:

Feathers and snakeskin:

Gloves with surreal influences, in this case adorned with hats:

Cut out designs and tattoo-style lettering:

And long gloves embellished with skulls:

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