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Avant garde circus clown style in fashion

In these difficult times, some are looking for clothes with a sense of humour to inject brightness and fun into their lives. Outfits of the handmade variety, recently seen on catwalks, could potentially be recreated at home. Dressing up in quirky costumes (in a manner akin to Japanese style 'cosplay') is a curious trend that’s beginning to find favour in fashionable circles at clubs and events across Europe.

The inspiration for theatrical avant garde costumes comes from a variety of sources, but especially from circus clowns, magicians and carnival wear. Ranging from bizarre Sesame Street-like outfits to masked minstrel and troubadour style designs, this new trend offers a welcome escape from reality.

Camille Bellot of the Atelier Chardon Savard has created some designs in the tradition of French avant garde art.

The Paris based fashion school has produced a number of other carnival inspired collections – like the surreal designs featuring giant sized top hats and evil eyes – and one with jongleurs or minstrels hiding behind carnival masks.

The stripey tights of the traditional circus clown, playing card jester or Pierrot type figure also feature in a number of collections.

Korean based designer, Selene Hee, uses clown like shapes and striped trousers extensively in her latest collection.

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