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Back to blackboards?

Now digital whiteboards have replaced them in the classroom, why are blackboards appearing everywhere on our streets? Could this curiously creative new slow design feature be linked to a nostalgic longing for more carefree days, with more time to indulge ourselves in artistic pursuits?

In the words of Banksy, “To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.”

He omitted to mention the vagaries of the British weather. A short, sharp downpour is enough to dampen anything, and turn the best efforts of budding chalk artists into a total wash out - which makes this a rather curious design concept... non?

PS  Never tickle a sleeping dragon, or miss a photo opportunity to capture your artwork before it disappears forever.


By worm on 08/06/2010 21:38:27

wow susan you are a workaholic!!! I have been liking the 'black board thing' since buying a rather fetchhing set of blackboard matroshka dolls at muji last christmas people are always remarking on them! I think muji do blackboard globes and things too

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