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Birds in home and fashion accessories

Birds have been fashionable features of jewellery for quite a while, however now they are appearing more extensively on accessories and home furnishings. Whilst stuffed birds, taxidermy and feathered decorative accessories and curiosities have been gaining popularity for some time, contemporary pieces are often colourful and made from a variety of sustainable materials including wood, paper, cotton and clay. Here are a few of the many bird inspired items recently spotted:

Ed Carpenter’s brightly coloured bird lamps:

RCA student Rosie Edwards’ mixed media vintage book birdhouses and knitted birds

Stacking stuffed bird cushions

A selection of quirky china and retro style birds

A selection of colourful birdhouses

A ceramic bird on a wall

Paper birds

A paper birdhouse

A glass lamp with birds

Tatty Devine’s vintage style owl jewellery

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