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Childlike curiosity

Evidence of a bygone era, mementos of childhood and antiquated reminders of our history and lost innocence continue to be important themes in decoration and product design.

The theme of childlike curiosity lends itself to DIY design, as these examples of clunky, handmade style illustrate. Young designer Clara Belle Kelly’s raw materials include original retro memorabilia, including old stamps, buttons and even music manuscript (let’s hope these pages weren’t torn out of a book).

Zuzanna Bukala has created a ‘sound toy’ for creative play. This combines the simplicity of old fashioned toys (reminiscent of the Wooden Tops) with digital technology.

Once the toys are placed on the board, they start to make sounds, expressing feelings of joy, delight or fear. The reactions depend on the pre-set scenery, and which other dolls are placed nearby. The stories are based on traditional fairy tales, with archetypal characters representing good and evil.

Phil Proctor’s reappraisal of the shaker peg board aims to make better use of the wall space in our homes, creating a flexible and functional system of products to aid our domestic activities. The use of simple materials and layout produces a curiously ‘old school’ feel.

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