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Collars and ruffs in fashion, photography and design art

For a while there’s been a fascination with ruff-like wave form shapes in design art, so it’s no surprise that collars are getting bigger and more elaborate. At the A La Disposition show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout they morphed into capes and occasionally almost became dresses (see below). The Elizabethan style ruff has also seen something of a revival - and it will be interesting to see what form this takes on when it reaches the high street.

Extreme collars feature in the work of Swiss photographer Christian Tagliavini, who blends fashion with art history in the curious Renaissance themed images from his 1503 series (2010). Christian’s work has appeared in several group exhibitions in Switzerland and been published in magazines such as Eyemazing and toBE – Lux [R]evolution. His first solo exhibition starts on March 27th at the Gallery Cons Arc.

Chicago based Jesse Mathes’ Elizabethan inspired Personal Space collection has 'territorial defense' at its theme:

Lady Gaga was also inspired by Elizabeth I when she wore this outfit to meet The Queen at her Royal Variety Performance.

On catwalks, supersized collars have also been very much in evidence:

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