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Collections of collectibles

The current fashion for collecting is set to turn into a frenzied race to snap up the limited supply of items with genuine provenance and historical worth. Heirloom collectibles are no longer to be hoarded away, but displayed on walls and in glass fronted, museum-type cases in the style of cabinets of curiosities. Collections will be of virtually anything, so long as what's collected is old, rare, exotic and/or has some history or nostalgic value attached. Contemporary crafts designers are also creating their own innovative, new collections, often combining recycled materials with retro styling.

Here are some collections recently assembled by interior and product designers:

Sporting trophies – including hunting trophies such as animal heads, silver shields and cups, old team photographs, sporting flags, sports equipment such as vintage cricket bats, old tennis racquets and rugby balls, fencing swords and masks, club blazers and caps, riding gear such as hats and crops;

Musical instruments – collections of violins, drums and brass horns and Jazz Age style saxophones;

Books – collected in bookcases, or as features on wallpaper and in interior decoration;

Curiosities of nature, anatomical curiosities and taxidermy – collections of skeletons, fossils, shells and stuffed animals in cases;

Vintage clothing and accessories - old hats, club blazers, gentlemen's canes and pocket watches;

Crafty collectibles – including porcelain plates, ceramic objets d’art and quirky creations like chocolate foil wrapper goblets, button trees, kitsch horse brass style ornaments and limited edition knitted dogs;

Due to the forthcoming royal wedding, there will also be collections of royal memorabilia, including biscuit tins, signed photographs, stamps and first day covers.


By worm on 22/11/2010 12:55:46

I've got some good collections going at the moment! Did have a big butterfly craze, but currently collecting Royal Doulton Faience ceramics, munich 1972 olympic ephemera and also kitschy Loui Shabner prints

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