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Crafty collages, dioramas and decoupage

There were plenty of works featuring decoupage, along with handcrafted dioramas in evidence at this year’s Affordable Art Fair. Using materials ranging from fabric and vintage magazine cuttings to used plastic bottles and even an old television set, artists are crafting unique and unusual collages to express a retro-progressive vibe.

Maria Rivans uses pictures she’s collected from old magazines to create detailed dioramas and artworks inspired by the retro children’s 3D toy, View-Master.

Alexander Korzer Robinson gouges out old encyclopedias and books to create his antiquarian style dioramas. And Erin MacAirt has incorporated mirrors into her multi-layered diorama etchings.

Volker Kuhn’s Homage to Magritte diorama is a clever twist on the surrealist’s work with models of the Queen suspended in mid-air.

Mixed media layering and decoupage using newsprint has become popular - see works below from Yakob Feldman, Kasita Kmita, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Jordi Prat Pons, Joseph and Silvia Calmejane respectively.

Pam Glew uses bleached and dyed handmade flags to create fabric collages of retro Hollywood stars and current day celebrities.

Other fabric collages include Kate Rowe’s country house portraits.

Steve Yeates creates decoupage sculptures from old newspapers and maps, like this one called Royal Spooning (using vintage playing cards).

Nano Mendez has used a smashed up old television set to house his model of a spider in a sort of quirky low tech meets steampunk diorama.

Danilo Marchi has made a pair of greyhounds by recycling used water bottles (also known as PET!)

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