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Curiosity clothing and accessories: Miss Havisham and the new antiquarians

A new type of curiosity dressing is emerging, based on a growing interest in Victoriana, antiques and collecting. In fashion this translates into Miss Havisham style dresses, long gloves, sculptural headwear and old fashioned lace up boots. Meanwhile, jewellery and accessories upcycled from curios and collectables are being presented museum-style in glass domes and vintage union cases (previously used to dispaly early photographs). Books and papier mache are also being used to create unique jewellery and even furniture. The new antiquarians are coming…

Miss Havisham emerges through the fog in a gothic style parachute fabric dress in Paris (above).

This curious bird wing hat was seen at London Fashion Week.

Antique kidskin gloves were used to display Karl Fritsch and Francis Upritchard’s curiosity rings at the Collect craft fair.

And these Victorian boots with ribbon laces were also spotted in Paris.

Grainne Morton turns quirky finds into heirloom keepsakes, Her characterful brooches are presented in old domes, unique boxes and antique cases.

Others, like Sarah Bevan, use Grandma’s dressing table as a prop to show one off designs mixed with original curiosities.

Books and paper are being used to create clothing, jewellery and furniture. This curious wedding dress (above) has a train made partly of vintage books. Elise Valdorcia’s papier mache sculptures (below) replicate the decaying grandeur of antique French furnishings. Lucy Seddon uses papier mache to create sculptural jewellery (bottom of page).

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