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In the cut throat world of multi-national FMCG marketing, having a ‘heritage brand’ is no longer enough. Any brand (as opposed to a white label item) is now considered to be premium.

Heritage brands are having to differentiate themselves by offering lower volume, limited edition products that smack of exclusivity over and above their traditional best seller(s).

Marmite’s range of curious flavoured spreads is an example of this – the latest being Marmite XO (extra old) – taking its lead from fine cognacs.

Just in case your taste buds get bored, by the time you’ve got through a pot of this, the manufacturers will have created the next curious flavour. Alternatively, you may decide to collect limited edition jars of Marmite as heirlooms for your children?

Further down or up the food chain (depending how you look at it) giant sized ostrich eggs from Clarence Court Farm, available at Waitrose, are also going for the curiosity factor.

Eggs from unusual breeds of hens were found to be very popular, so it was decided to offer these as the ultimate purchase for curious egg lovers.

Laid by South African Black ostriches on a farm in Lincolnshire, each egg is the equivalent to around 24 of the conventional large sized variety. Apparently, they require boiling for between 50 and 90 minutes – but could come in very handy if you’re making egg mayo sandwiches for a children’s birthday party, a cricket team tea... or perhaps there’s a certain someone you’d like to throw an egg at?

Whatever next? After consuming these culinary curiosties, perhaps some curiously strong mints.
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