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Design trends: quirky clocks

I recently bought a new alarm clock. I was trying to find a traditional style design in standard-issue silver, with a supersized, super-loud bell. Instead I was attracted by one that, though conventional in design, suited my bedroom’s colour scheme. The problem is that, being designer-black (not just the clock-face, but the hands too), it’s very difficult to tell what the exact time is. On several occasions I’ve jumped out of bed an hour early, thinking it was half past six when it was actually only half past five…

On my travels around design trade fairs recently, I’ve spotted other novel clock designs. As with my alarm clock, the latest trend seems to be for a retro theme with contemporary styling:

Don Herd’s version resembles an old fashioned cuckoo clock, but with a modern twist (as seen at Clerkenwell Design Week). Zoe Tynan-Campbell’s updated old style time zone map and Haidee Drew of Craft Central’s quirky mirror clocks were both seen at Pulse.

Dutch design house, Invotis, have upcycled old LPs to create a whole wall of clocks (see top).

TobyHouse clocks, again seen at Clerkenwell, are probably the most inventive – though, much like my alarm, they’re not so useful for telling the time…

This post is reproduced  in full, with photographs, in my RetroProgressive column at The Dabbler.

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