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Edible art: designer fruit and veg

Alongside the growing trend for urban farming and edible landscaping, fruit and vegetables are being given a makeover inside the home too. Design art and household accessories featuring fruit and vegetables are already popular, but we’re beginning to see designer fruit and veg as extensions of home décor.

Lilas Force is a visual artist and glassblower who draws on “inspiration from the world of childhood and gardens in order to create playful objects.” Her lettuce eating snails and giant home-grown carrots are practical as well as fun.

Indoor grow bags and storage vessels are designed to blend in with interior style, whether it be a country cottage or a modern urban apartment.

Food is being grown in situ and presented in an aesthetically pleasing, arty way like this vegetable mobile – and chilli peppers in a drawstring bag.

Fruits and fruity colours and shapes are being adopted by artists (as in this sculpture by Torbjorn Kvasbo and glass panel by Ulla Forsell), and used by interior specialists in contemporary kitchen design.

In a manner reminiscent of old fashioned green-grocers’ shops and market stalls, fruit and vegetables are being displayed in novel new ways, as ornamental items and table centerpieces.

Potted edible fruits like lemons and tomatoes are increasingly being seen in the home.

Herbs, leafy greens and edible flowers double up as kitchen decorations (seen here in a Smallbone kitchen at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, 2010). They’re a lot cheaper than orchids or a hand-tied bouquet - and you can eat them too.

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