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Extreme shoes: sculptural design in footwear

Shoe designs are becoming more extreme – and more expensive. Following on from ‘It bags’, ‘It shoes’ start at around £700 and are priced at up to £2000 or more. But don’t expect more beautiful, better quality shoes for your money, more often than not you will simply be paying for a designer label (though perhaps ugly is the new beautiful?) Lesser known brands may be cheaper, but are also using more advanced manufacturing technology, including computer-generated and architectural inspired designs, to help them stand out from the crowd. Customers will have to judge for themselves whether designs are flattering, easy to walk in or worth the money. Or perhaps they are simply destined for the curiosity cabinet? Meantime, here are some examples of some of the more aesthetically interesting of next season’s sculptural shoes:

Boots by Atalanta Weller:

Goatie boots, shoes and wedges by Camilla Skovgaard:

Fan and glitter lace-up shoes by Joanne Stoker:

Spiral shoes (in leather and wood) by Julian Hakes London:

Platform shoes and boots by Kat Maconie:

Lace-up shoes and wedges by Marlene Oddershede Bach:

Perspex and clear plastic shoes by Simone Rocha:

Extreme cut-out wedges by Ready to Fish:

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