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Folklore and tales from foreign lands

The rosy cheeked face of the babushka has dominated Eastern European folk stories and fables. Now Matryoshka style dolls and other characters from folk legends have been re-interpreted in quirky and contemporary ways – from quirky plastic Kokeshi dolls and colourful wax candles, to thought provoking illustrations and re-worked traditional folk tales.

Nina Jarema's new 'Folklore' range is inspired by the villages and forests of the Ukraine. The product range includes enamel mugs, plates, cake stands, tin storage containers, tea towels and tea pots featuring owl silhouettes and other woodland creatures, in decorative motifs and simple colours.

These Provencal lavender bundles also have a handcrafted, folksy fairy tale feel.

Folk characters have been interpreted in inventive new ways by product designers - see Yoco’s kitsch Japanese Kokeshi dolls,

curious glass sculptures by Fernando Agostinho,

and kitsch curiosity candles below.

Illustrations below by Georgia Warley Cummings and Mole Brown, plus Arran MacPhail (above top).

Other types of folk doll include these quirky, native American style effigies:

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