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Granny's attic and curiosity shop style

A curious trend that’s still in a state of relative infancy is the growing tendency to decorate rooms with curiosities and vintage clutter. Granny’s attic style is already widespread in the fashion and design worlds, in keeping with the increasing popularity of unique, hand crafted products and a ‘slow lifestyle’.  In extremis, the resulting look is rather like that of an upmarket junk shop.

The Bolongaro Trevor stand at London Fashion Week featured taxidermy, old photographs and Victorian ephemera:

Contemporary textile and product designers, like Becky Adams (see below), are recreating the look through crafty collages and retro themed designs, showing bird cages, gramophones, antique map prints, old letters, stamps, retro luggage and curiosity shop style exhibits:

Modern shops are also offering collections of current day curios alongside older pieces to create the curiosity shop look.

Victoriana, old photographs and ephemera are increasingly being used to decorate public spaces, such as restaurants and boutique hotels.

 Contemporary photographers like Stan Douglas are also picking up on the granny’s attic trend, as can be seen in this work: Olde Curious Shop, 2010 (a limited edition digital C-print mounted on dibond aluminium).

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