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Hairy adornments for fashion and home accessories

Fashion and accessories designers will be incorporating more human, animal and man-made hair into their designs. This curious trend will spill over into interior design and hair will be used to embellish home accessories. Here are some of our initial sightings:

Charlie le Mindu’s unusual straw hats are decorated with Hasidic style Payot ringlets.

An assistant of milliner Stephen Jones’ choice of beard also seems to have been influenced by this trend.

Shoe designs are getting hairier too, with both established designer, Joanne Stoker, and RCA graduate, Tariq Mahmoud, using hair in their collections.
RCA student Nina Khazani produced a series of accessories, including shoes, bags and collars, as part of “a hairy tale”. She believes that “hair inherits power and beauty and is the ultimate garment growing from within us. Part of our body, and therefore part of our identity, hair helps us to differentiate ourselves as individuals yet is changeable and detachable.” She explains that it is “beautiful and soft, yet stubborn to work with – it likes to go its own way, but so does the designer, who gains pleasure from controlling and transforming it into living objects and jewellery.”
Artists and designers have also been employing hair in their works – Portuguese based Malabar Emotional Designs have created a hair covered guitar, complete with rollers - and Mat and Jewsky have used hair as a covering for lampshades. 

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