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Handcrafted angels and celestial wings in design art

At a time when many artists and designers are attempting to shock and denigrate, it’s refreshing to see so many turning to angels for inspiration. Angels are associated with light, love and protection. They are usually portrayed as guardians or messengers. Appearances of winged creatures have been documented by diverse cultures and religions throughout history - often as messengers from God, to foretell crucial events in the spiritual realm, as in the case of the Archangel Gabriel.

Self-taught ‘sculptor angelicus’ Caroline Stanley is the creator of several collections of statues of angels and wings cast in bronze, or ceramic. According to Caroline, angels are “beings of light of the highest vibration – sent to heal, comfort, inform and teach.” She believes that each of her sculptures acquires its own unique energy during the firing, glazing or bronzing process: “My hope is that people find their own meaning in my sculptures, but I like to think of them as messengers and guides who provide inspiration, comfort, intelligence and support – a reminder that we are not alone, and there is more to come beyond this life.”

Claudia Phipps’ glass wings are inspired by birds in flight and dragonflies, as well as angels:

Latorre Cruz’s unique Icarus lamp design is based upon pre-Christian Greek mythology. Icarus is a collection of hand-shaped paper wings, which are pieced together around a central light fitting, so that the fronds of the shade take on the appearance of feathered wings. With a nod to Gothic romanticism, the aim is to create a rim light effect, as if daylight is shining from behind.

Many of Anita Klein's recent works feature angels and stars. A fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Prinktmakers, Klein uses a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching, drypoint, lithography, linocut and woodcut.

Philip Watts’ angel wings door 'entrance handles' are made from solid cast aluminium.

Angel representations make popular gifts at Christmas and can take many forms from tree decorations and candles to angel-shaped chocolate effigies.

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