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Hiod Sports’ innovative new communications device for cyclists

I was horrified when a man cycled past me today on a busy stretch of road in central London. He was wearing flip-flops on his feet, had iPod style headphones plugged into his ears and was riding without a crash helmet. As my doctor friends call cyclists ‘donors,’ I was more worried about the guy listening to music and not hearing the traffic than anything else – just as I am when I see cyclists chattering away on their mobile phones whilst cycling along. So it was with great interest that I opened an email from Swedish company, Hiod, about a new communication device for cyclists.

HIOD Sports AB is a new company on the sports market and this clunky sat nav lookalike device is their first product. Fitted to the handlebar, or the wrist, the innovative HIOD One enables cyclists to talk to each other - over a Bluetooth link - up to 400 meters apart. What's more, users can communicate with up to five other Hiod owning friends at a time, without actually needing a mobile phone connection. There’s also a smartphone app that turns the HIOD One into an advanced bicycle computer, providing information on speed, time and distance.

I’m not sure exactly how this works, but apparently the device also helps you to make and receive phone calls and to stream music whilst cycling. These functions can be voice activated using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. There’s a noise reduction facility too, making communication easy in any kind of weather or traffic situation. 

There’s quite a lot of gear associated with this device. The voice unit can be strapped to the arm or worn around the neck. The microphone clips conveniently onto a bicycle helmet strap. And there are headphones too. Hiod’s advice is to wear these in only one ear, so you can still hear the traffic. I suppose that’s slight progess on the safety front at least?

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