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Library lust

Books have become fashionable in interior design circles, and can now be purchased in bulk (by the foot) to match any home decoration or colour scheme.

Forget designer kitchens and luxury spa-style bathing areas, libraries have become the latest must have addition to the stylish home.

In an interview with The Times, Simon Callow talked about the decoration of his north London home Apart from his boxers, Callow’s priority is his books, “the theme of my life.” Elegant bookcases stretch from floor to ceiling. The top floor of the house is Callow’s workplace. To get to it, you push a bookcase, that folds back, “Agatha Christie style,” to reveal a stairway leading to a huge self-contained flat…

Janine Stone, who offers interior design, architecture and project management services from her London base, runs an advert for library design that reads as follows: ‘Our client asked us to do the impossible. Design a room where Karl Marz and Jeffrey Archer can live happily together.’

‘To ensure every single book would fit perfectly, we measured every single book. Herr Marx’s seminal work was gauged for height width and depth. As, indeed, were a tiny tome of Victorian verse and a huge, first edition of Italian Renaissance poetry..”

As the ‘House Beautiful’ style of the Aesthetic Movement, together with homely Arts and Crafts touches come back into fashion, you may wish to visit 7 Hammersmith Terrace for inspiration. This was the home of Emery Walker – printer, collector and mentor to William Morris. A well stocked, hand crafted wooden bookcase was central to every Arts and Crafts style household.
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