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We spotted psychogeography as an emerging trend some years ago and, in December 2008, ShopCurious featured the psychogeographie inspired creations of French designer Karim Bonnet for Impasse de la Defense. Psychogeography has lately become a major influence in the worlds of literature, art and design.

The trend is associated with a general desire to slow down and take more account of our local environment and relationship with place and time, as well as with others. You may have noticed the number of recently published memoirs that combine accounts of travels around the world with journeys of self-discovery – such as Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, and writer on psychogeography Will Self’s book, Walking to Hollywood.

In view of an increasing interest in the exploration of space, the psyche and local history, it’s no wonder that customized and themed guided walks are becoming more popular – and in this post we list some of the top trend, style and fashion walks around the world.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook Places, launched in September, allows consumers to alert their friends when they’re in a specific area, so they can tap into all their favourite places. It’s believed that this mixture of historical and real time data will offer great opportunities – and is ideal for recording one’s psychogeograhic investigations and sense of place.

Of course, there are traditional guided walks. In London, the best known organizer of these is London Walks.

But, if you’re curious to find something slightly edgier, specializing in creative, style and design focused locations,here are some suggestions:

Fox and Squirrel:

Jojo and Penelope set up Fox and Squirrel in November 2009. The idea came about when the duo realised their Balkan origin meant they were constantly walking their guests and visitors through London to show them the sights – however, nowadays they're walking Londoners around their own city as part of this new business venture. 

Penelope says, "On the one hand people's lifestyles are responsible for the distinct character of an area, but on the other lifestyles can restrict us to a specific area of our city. This is why we created our lifestyle walks."

Fox and Squirrel aim to introduce people to the diverse lifestyles that co-exisit in London. To date they've launched fashion and vintage walks, which Jojo, also a successful London-based stylist, is leading. These will be followed by art,architecture, food and lifestyle walks.

Jojo says '”So much research has been done. For our fashion and vintage walks we roamed London streets taking street style pictures and asking people where they shop from. For our vintage walks we studied the history of London. We are really excited about our walks and confident that they really cater to our client's needs whilst unravelling London's greatness as a city.”

Paris Par Rues Meconnues:

Discover the hidden marvels of Paris via Angenic Agnero’s guided tours. The walks around the principal districts include access to lesser known places, well off the traditional tourist trails, such as secret gardens, shops, artists studious and the magnificicent courtyards of apartment buildings.


Gourment walks:

Check out London’s first food safari, The Pimlico Green Safari, part of the London Restaurant Festival on 22nd November.

Slow walks: 

These are more about time and pace (than place). You can slow down and appreciate nature with slow clubs all over the world. London’s Slow Club has a new course starting in November. 

Finally, trend focused walks include:

TRENDTREDKKING, based in New York City, 

Bespoke Tokyo, 

Cscout, which offers tours of London, Beijing, Sao Paulo and other destinations,

and Tokyo based Michi Travel.

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