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Men go bright, tight, checked and striped

Jaana Jatyri, the CEO of trend forecasting organization Trendstop, predicts that this century will herald the ‘emancipation of menswear.’ Men certainly seem a lot less reserved in their choice of clothing and accessories, the more adventurous opting for bold primary colours in their clothing and accessories. Preppy-style stripey and patterned jackets are being teamed up with vibrantly coloured trousers to create a distinctive look. As far as men’s trousers are concerned, the message coming through is that ‘brighter and tighter is better’:

It’s clear that men are feeling less inhibited in their choice of clothing and more able to express their personalities by creating their own unique look. Bright colours can be macho too:

And the addition of selected vintage pieces gives a characterful, retro feel:

Brightly coloured accessories such as watches are also becoming popular, adding a quirky touch of personality to an otherwise traditional male look:

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