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Men's brooches

Brooches for men were the exotic new accessory at the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections. However, next season’s designer brooches are mainly based on traditional old English, Scottish/Celtic designs, featuring antlers, thistles and the like. 

Never mind, London’s dandies are already way ahead of the curve, sporting all sorts of delightfully unique, vintage style brooches. Lovely Louis from the London College of Fashion, below, wears a cameo pinned to his collar in place of a tie. 

And what about this gentleman magician’s curious cat brooch? Does it have any special significance - something to do with the Magic Circle, perhaps - or is it borrowed from Mummy's jewllery box?

Whatever their provenance, men’s brooches add a touch of style and quirky charm to conventional male attire, don’t you think?
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