Curious Trends


Mystery, shadow and suspense in interiors and design art

Interior designers appear to be increasingly concerned with what you don’t see than what you do. Furniture and lighting are being especially designed to create intriguing shadows as, once again, the curiosity factor comes into play.. Artists and designers have also been playing with themes of mystery and hidden secrets…

Lighting and home furnishings at Moooi’s showroom in Portobello Dock took provided a sinister and shadowy display during London Design Week.

Recent graduates from the Royal College of Art have shown interest in shadowy outlines, old thrillers and suspense – see Rachel Louise Brown’s photographs of spooky twilight and night-lit buildings and Greta Alfaro’s installation, Notes for a Film below.

Elizabeth Raeburn’s raku style ceramic pieces contain mysterious shadowy figures and silhouettes, hidden away behind residential walls.

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