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Paper and origami in art and design

Paper, folded paper and origami style design are likely to feature highly in design art, clothing and accessories this year. More than simply a nod to the Far East for inspiration, one of the key elements of this theme will be the practice of upcycling, or using recycled products and materials, especially paper, to create new products and works of art.

Recently spotted items include:

Paper clothing:

Paper sculptures:

Origami style cardboard chairs and paper lamps:

Paper decorations:

Paper (and old books) as a curiosity:

Paper artworks:

Other recycled products have been used in the style of paper, like the recycled plastic bags fashioned into handbags by workers in Dar es Salaam.

Elsewhere, origami shapes have been adopted for designs using other materials, for instance gold and silver origami jewellery:

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