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Psychedelic retro style in home furnishings and accessories

Retro style home furnishings, kitchenware, handmade accessories and objets d’art are starting to look a lot brighter. Neon colours from hot pinks and oranges to acid yellow and lime green, together with ‘60s teal, avocado and purple are giving a surprisingly modern makeover to traditional products, from cushions and jewellery to ceramics and rugs.

Examples of retro psychedelic style include:

Chairs made using traditional handicrafts, formerly popular in the 1960s and early ‘70s, are now appearing in neon bright shades:

Old fashioned moleskin notebooks in acid colours:

Vibrant table linen, curtain and upholstery fabrics from old-established makers, such as Jacquard:

Hot coloured Pop Art inspired cushions include vintage themed postage stamps from Annie Little...

and quilted phrases like ‘Budge Up’ and ‘Cuddle Up’ in ‘70s style typeface, from new designer, Sohalia Langroudi.

Expect to see more rainbow hair (here fashioned into a contemporary twist on the bun),

more acid shades of jewellery (as in Mia Maljojoki's quirky take on the conventional string of beads)...

distinctively coloured home appliances and interior detailing:

Lucy Jane Foakes’ latest ceramic designs are inspired by Grecian vases and Egyptian canopic jars. Her vibrantly coloured contemporary versions combine popular culture with grisly endings, as she strives to capture the loss of an idol and ensure his/her immortality. Her pieces incorporate an element of humour too – for instance her Elvis jar was made to hold intestines, as a homage to his dying on the ‘throne’.

Carpet designers are also getting funky with a dazzling array of hues from makers such as Diacasan, Vartian, Mischioff and Floor to Heaven. Even the traditional Persian carpet has been given a Day-Glo makeover by Jan Kath, whose Pimp My Rug collection combines recycled oriental style with contemporary colour.

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