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Quirky and colourful light sculptures

Lighting is becoming more colourful and adventurous. The latest trend is to have light sculptures rather than lamps. We'll be seeing more LED lit furniture, reusable objects upcycled into quirky lighting – and custom made coloured lampshades, inventively shaped light fittings and illuminated home accessories in future.

Stacey Laura Houghton's psychedelic coloured lights were recently on show at London's New Designers exhibition.

A simple way of recycling PET products is by upcycling old water bottles to create colourful lanterns.

Lamps from Marianne Pascal's Objets Intergalactiques collection use old circuit boards and other found items.

Tsai and Yoshikawa's colourful light sculptures like Pop Bloom (above and below) were on show at London Jewellery Week.

Formia's luxury glass collection, Faces, at Hilton McConnico used coloured glass to create unique light sculptures.

This arty take on the chandelier style wall-light is by Massimo Barzagli. And we've already mentioned the quirky car shaped coloured lights by Joro Originals in a previous post on auto-inspired design.

Along with colourful lampshades,paper and ceramic lanterns, quirky shaped lights like the plastic animal and skull designs below have been spotted.

RCA student Hyun Kim's alternative alarm clock also has a coloured LED light.

Sarah Weistner's LED lit Introspection installation at Clerkenwell Design Week's House of Detention is "a play between mirrors and light, questioning the viewer's perception of space."

Lee Broom's neon chairs and Nick Rawcliffe's LED chair are the sort of furniture pieces we'll be seeing much more of over the next few years.

And look out for other unusual lighting effects on furniture too, like 'internally lit' tables at nightclubs and hotel bars.

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