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Salvage society: reclaimed metal and found materials upcycled into artworks

Artists are increasingly ditching traditional materials, such as canvas, in favour of more novel surfaces upon which to express their creativity. Sculptors are also becoming more imaginative in their choice of materials, upcycling found objects and recycling waste products:

Matt Small uses salvaged metal, such as old car bonnets and boots, fridges, televisions and bits of scrap metal for his oil, acrylic and linocut works.

Chris Jones’ sculpture, Old Raa-Boh, is made from magazine and book images, board wire dowel and polymer varnish.

Oliver Clegg used an antique writing desk as his canvas for Time Spent in Reconnaissance is Never Wasted.

Ian Nutting’s Dog in Car Door is a more whimsical reclaimed metal sculpture.

Fashionable events at London’s Saatchi Gallery are conducted amongst the scrap metal of partially crushed cars…

And some exhibitis look as though they've just been pulled out of primordial slime.

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