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Shoes as headwear

Are shoes the new hats? I’m not quite sure where and when this curious trend originated - I may even have started it myself…

In early October, I was pictured wearing a Vivienne Westwood shoe on my head in a blog post.

A couple of weeks later, Drapers followed suit with their own version of the unusual headwear.

Then, in late January, I was surprised to see these curious millinery creations by Helsinki based designer, Minna Parikka, at a fashion show in Paris.

The photograph at the top of the page is of a hat that was especially made by Minna Parikka for Lady Gaga to wear at her concerts in late January.


By Susan on 29/06/2011 23:43:47

Ah yes, Schiaparelli made a shoe shaped hat, thought it wasn't made using an actual shoe...

By Montgomery on 29/06/2011 16:32:35

Long live Schiaparellli !

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