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Shooting party style

The trend for classic British country style and all things retro continues, with animal skulls and antlers turning up all over the place. And it's not just recycled retro, there've been some progessive new variations on the theme by a number of innovative new designers:

Rohan Chhabra's curious re-workings of hunting gear are featured in my first RetroProgressive post over at The Dabbler...

Textile designer, Rebecca Cash, has created a wallpaper featuring vintage photographs, country style plates and cutlery, old fashioned imagery of farm animals, game birds and quirky cookery book diagrams. This mIght work on the kitchen wall, or as a novel roller blind perhaps?

Sung Kug Kim has designed some rather stylish antler horn bicycle handlebars, plus there’s a version for non-cyclists too, in the form of a curiously clever wall mounted clothes peg.

The shooting party theme is always popular around the Glorious Twelfth, but will the hunting trend have reached its height by Christmas? 
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