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Suburban nomad style from street fashion to home accessories

A harsh and inhospitable desert inspired trend has set in this summer. Expect a toned down version of this to reappear in interiors next year. Meantime, cool fashionistas are rocking the urban nomad trend that will morph in two totally different directions over coming seasons. Trudi from Australia (above) combined discount store finds with retro floral prints and Mum’s old jewellery in May this year. A key accessory is the wheelie case.There's no need for this trend to filter down to the provinces, as vintage lovers have long been creating their own Abigail's Party mix from flea market bargains and curious finds from around the world, picked up at car boot sales. This year the nomad goes suburban.

Here are some stylists' takes on the urban nomad look:

This trend will be interpreted in diametrically opposed ways by mainstream fashion chains and quirky, individual dressers. Look out for suburban layered sand, olive and mustard coloured grunge on the one hand – and madly futuristic multi-coloured vintage makeovers on the other (a curated, upmarket version of the Desigual look). Think Armenian gypsy meets Select and Save in the Pinner branch of Oxfam.

And here are some examples of the type of desolate, desert inspired home furnishings we’ll be seeing much more of in suburban department stores soon:

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