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The holy cow of advertising

The brilliant new Yeo Valley advert has to be the holy cow of advertising. What is it with cows, the countryside and soft, white, creamy foodstuffs? Whether it be yoghurt, milk, ice cream, creamed rice, or cream cheese, cows are the perfect purveyor of natural, wholesome style. Where did this curious trend originate, and where will it appear next?

Forget the stylised cartoon cows of yesteryear. They've been superceded by real, live animals and 'local yokel' flavour. Cows add personality - and attitude... as shown in the following consumer campaigns featuring cows:

Yeo Valley Milk:

Muller Corner Yoghurt:

Anchor Butter:

Ambrosia Creamed Rice:


Anyway, there are many others too. But as far as dairy produce goes, my favoured branding, packaging and taste at the moment is the natural yoghurt from Stapleton Farm. Simply presented in classic, cow-adorned, recyclable pot, this product takes us back to basics. No big advertising campaigns here. Just fresh-looking, neo-retro presentation - and a great tasting product that speaks for itself. At a time when limited funds are available for media promotion, could this be the way of the future?

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