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The home of the future - YO! Home at 100% Design

All the world’s a stage – or at least it could be, according to Simon Woodroffe, creator of YO! Sushi and Yotel, and originator of a novel new purpose-built home of the future. His 800 square foot flat utilizes the mechanics of stage scenery to do all sorts of unexpected things. Each shell apartment is configured to maximize space: For instance, by way of a false ceiling and a false floor, the apartment shrinks and grows in size at the press of a button.

At the 100% Design trade fair the show apartment attracted crowds of visitors and press, curious to see how the ingenious technology worked. The show flat was also kitted out with state of the art interior decoration and home furnishings, courtesy of a number of well known sponsors.

Mouths fell open in astonishment as the bed disappeared into the ceiling and a whole sitting room, complete with designer sofa and coffee table rose up from out of the floor. Woodroffe deftly threw a table cloth across the dining table - probably a good idea, as it had previously doubled up as a trap door which was part of the floor. A kitchen emerged from behind a wall of cupboards - and the desk transformed into a spare bed for visitors, who could enjoy a sunken bath (if they could find it underneath the shower).

"You can decorate it like a a Gucci home, a Philippe Starck home, or a country cottage, but it’s always going to be a YO! Home,” said Woodroffe, who clearly has plans to revolutionize the housing market for everyone – not just the policemen, teachers and students he mentions in his presentation.

One problem may be future energy shortages. A YO! Home wouldn’t be the ideal place to live in the event of a power cut. And with all the mechanics involved, there is also plenty of opportunity for mechanical failure.

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