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The symbolic art of guns

Whether we like it or not, guns are in fashion. Earlier this month, Ecoterre reported that there was a growing demand for children’s bullet-proof jackets and backpacks in America.The tragedy of gun culture is also being brought to public attention through the work of contemporary artists, like Kristian von Hornsleth’s Langeland School Massacre Project.

And at this month’s London Art Fair, guns were the subject matter of recent works by the following:

David Cotterrell’s Prototype II – two de-commissioned Magnum .357 revolvers, cams, cranks, housings and electrics on a plinth.

Nancy Fout’s Peacemaker (Look But Don’t Touch) made from metal, wood and hand painted rose thorns.

Chris Mitton’s The Peacemaker (The Revolver) made from hand carved Carrara marble with a granite stand.

David Buckingham’s Dirty Harry gun sculpture – made from found metal.

James Hopkins’ Salavation Lies Within II – a lecturn and bible with decoupage cut out gun (see above top).

Lucy Gough’s ‘Bang’ gun prints, above. 
And Renaud Delorme’s celebrity collages of Kate Moss and Carla Bruni, made from found objects including old combs, video tapes and spent shotgun cartridges.

As well as being harmless - yet disturbingly thought-provoking, as works of art, guns can also be recycled into items of furniture and home accessories.

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