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Trophy preppy style

It’s taken a while, but are we finally starting to see a return to real preppy style? Not just the pseudo version of ‘anyone can wear it so long as they can pay’, but the proper version of the deserving wearer, according to their achievements in academia and/or sportsmanship.

Trophy preppy style is all to do with hard work leading to excellence – and, of course, it’s about winning. With the Olympics coming to the UK in the not too distant future, we’re beginning to focus on achieving the desired results - and we're hoping to collect lots of medals.

In terms of dressing to impress, we’ve come a long way from The Official Preppy Handbook of 1980 and The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook of 1982. In those days a suitably understated blue blazer was much easier to come by, whereas now they’re all new-fangled and a proper one is difficult to find. Even traditional sportswear has been superceded by brands and logo-emblazoned everything. Lacoste and Ralph Lauren are positively proper in the scheme of new preppy style (with Abercrombie and Kent, J Crew and Jack Wills particuarly popular with younger preppies ). Nowadays, the logos are no longer a small emblem on the corner of a shirt – no, they’re all over the shirt, or the shirt is the logo is the emblem. Or the emblem is on the body in the form of a tattoo or a piercing, so the body becomes an emblem or a logo in itself.

According to the rules of simple, original preppy style, the more understated an outfit the better. Though those who are qualified to wear a 'club blazer', or simply want to make a fashion statement because they've won a trophy, will be displaying genuine, trophy preppy style.

Anyway, here are the main types of preppy style, according to ShopCurious:

1) Retro preppy - classically smart-casual

The fellow pictured above illustrates the Continental version of retro preppy style

2) Imposter preppy aka Pseudo-Sloane - the fake old school blazer brigade

Blazer above from Marks and Spencer

Rod Stewart wears jeans to collect CBE - blazer from Dolce and Gabbana

3) Strange preppy

Orange corduroy blazer. Hmmm...

Floral corsages

matching trousers and brown suede shoes below

Blazer spotted at art exhibition (could that be a boat behind?)

4) Trophy preppy - have been or are in team or college represented by blazer or uniform

As you can tell from the Seersucker jackets, bow ties and perfect teeth, the fellows pictured above are from across the Atlantic. More trophy chaps below:

5) Progressive preppy - a contemporary twist on traditional preppy style

chinos and sneakers

Curiously cool media-man preppy style

Catwalk preppy style

pink linen suit

Preppy girls too, now that's what I call progress!

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