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Vintage advertising: shopping for nostalgia

Vintage advertising signs have been around for a while,especially at niche retailers and vintage themed events - but are now on the road to becoming mainstream. Retro kitchens will soon be all the rage and vintage lettering will appear everywhere, from shop fronts and festivals to food packaging and phone apps.

Designer vintage lettering and signs are available from firms such as Kidimo.

Shopping for nostalgia means a kitchen full of retro advertisements - as art hung on the wall, on utensils and practical household objects and surfaces.  Furniture styles and kitchen equipment will also have an old fashioned, 1950s feel.

Everyone seems to want to fly back to the past. Vintage themed events may be just the place to find old advertisements and quirky, retro objets d’art with which to decorate the home.


By drake on 10/07/2011 15:13:25

Many are simply retro kitsch.They were never authentic advertising

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