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Vintage hair styles and accessories

1940s and ‘50s hair styles and retro hair accessories are an emerging trend. For men, the quiff is making a big comeback. For women, hair rolls have been popular for a good few years (or decades in Suzy Menkes’ case). But retro hair styles and old fashioned accessories like hair rollers and hairnets are now being reinterpreted by artists and designers in curious and inventive new ways:

Pip Jolley has just completed degree in jewellery design from Central St Martins, London, having worked as an intern for the likes of Gavin Turk. Her new line of vintage themed fashion jewellery uses designs such as the plastic hair roller (or curler as it is also known), and the nylon stocking, for inspiration. She’s created a range that includes earrings, hair slides and necklaces (as shown below) based on the accessories worn by an imaginary 1940s woman, Joanne.

Pip says. “In a time where money was limited, women of the 1940’s had to make do and mend… they would even roll their hair using a wooden peg.” When researching the 1940s, she became intrigued by the way women wore their hair and the amount of time they spent perfecting it. It appeared that, even in times of depression, women still took pride in their appearance. Influenced a Mah Rana gold comb, Pip created a collection to “focus on the before rather than the after… If at all times women are expected to look their best, then even if they have to pop to the shop in their hair rollers, they should be the most glamorous hair rollers they own,” she says.

Tracie Vallis, a newly graduating student of the University of Westminster was also inspired by vintage images of beauty and hair rollers when creating her striking ceramic sculpture called Miss UK, 1962. The bust is decorated decoupage style, using vintage newsprint images of former beauty queens.

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