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Welcome to our new Curious Trends in-house blog, compiled by ShopCurious curator and trend forecaster, Susan Muncey. I expect you’re curious to know how our trends editorial will differ from any other.

Trend is a curious word - it’s defined as both a ‘general tendency’, an ‘inclination’, but also as the ‘current fashion’ or ‘style’. There’s nothing unusual about mainstream trends in fashion, design or any other aspect of our lives – they’re simply ideas, products or services that have been latched on to by a number of people – otherwise known as trend followers.

Some trends turn out to be short-lived fads, whereas a few may acquire long term popularity, or the status of ‘timeless trends’, that never really go out of fashion.

We’ll be looking at all types of trends, but we’re especially curious to locate trend originators, to source trends in their infancy and to determine the potential direction and longevity of new and existing tendencies in areas such as fashion and lifestyle choices.

Trends are usually cyclical, so what’s been done before will often pop up again several years or decades later. When a trend is recycled it often comes back with a fresh, new twist, which is sometimes as interesting as the trend itself (and can even be followed in its own right).

All the trends featured here are curious, but everything is relative, and some trends are more curious than others.

Let us know what you think, join in the discussion, add your comments, ideas and suggestions for curious trends too. Susan will be on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to trends, or anything discussed in this blog.


By Jan on 02/06/2010 22:55:24

This will be my first stop for trend alerts in future! Thanks Susan.

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