Style Bubble

30 May, 2008

Style Bubble

Shop Curiously

If I didn't follow up on my curiosity trails, I think I might go to the graves with about a gazillion question and it seems in online fashion, those trails are growing by the day.  Are the sites down or up?  Are they live?  What is this weird holding page that I'm on?  It's all very 'Ta-da!' when whatever site is finallyu unveiled.  So the big 'ta-da' came for Shop Curious which I wondered about a while ago and whilst I'm not blown away or yanking out my credit card, it does healthily contribute to what Shop Curious call the shopping equivalent of 'slow food'.  As in carefully saving up for beautiful things as a backlash against the fast-paced consumer frenzy.  The selection of vintage clothes and accessories and some contemporary items isn't exactly entirely to my taste but still, these items jump out at me. 

Perhaps as I grow up a bit, I will slowly advance into being able to digest this 'slow food'.  Right now my mindset is such that I feel like I can get similar items for a lot less, not to take away anything from Shop Curious' ethos which is a postive one.  Their shop blog is also a well-written one that isn't purely about product placement but seems to want to bring out intelligent discussion too.

They are also feeding my feather obsession with their belts, hats and headbands which are a little more affordable...