December 2008


6,500, 8-foot-tall phone booth lamp is one big way to show your love of London

Finn Stone's Phone Booth Lamp should appeal to any Anglophile out there as it's fashioned after the classic red metal phone box, the kind which are found all over London. Finn Stone's booth is made from fiberglass and, while it'll light up a room, it won't let you make calls. It's full sized, standing over eight feet tall, but it's also full priced at a whopping $6,500.

That's a bit steep for sure, but, hey, maybe a rich neighbor will buy it and you'll be able to admire it from afar. You can always dream, right? While we'll never have this booth in our home (or should it go in the front yard?), it's still an awesome example of fantastic lighting design.

Shop Curious, via Nerd Approved