May, 2009


VPOD: Devour Devore

Devore, from the French devorer which means "to devour," is a process of chemically destroying a fabric with an agent that takes away the plant fibers made of cellulose while leaving the other fibers intact. You've probably seen it most frequently on velvet where the velvet pile has been eaten away by chemicals and only parts of the silk backing remain.

And while you crafty types can try this at home with products available at craft stores, I'm not a gal who likes to play with chemicals. I'd much prefer to just acquire a fine example of devore like today's VPOD.

This vintage 1920s dress is a lovely example of this technique. The devore, silk chiffon, low slung waist and diamante belt create a style tour de force.

It's a head-turning find for a vintage fashionista!

Available at Shop Curious.