September 2009

Mix it up (Page 1/10)

Susan Muncey, creator of vintage website says: "I love the quirkiness of vintage pieces – they’re all individually special and can be mixed with modern styles to create your own unique look."

Don’t wear vintage from head-to-toe – you will end up looking like your mad Aunt Hilda. Mix gorgeous vintage pieces with simple contemporary statements for a look that really works. For example, a vintage sequined blazer will add a stylish twist to a simple trousers and T-shirt ensemble.

Designer deals (Page 4/10)

Vintage expert Susan Muncey says: "Designer labels can be collectable, but I think it’s much more important that a piece has its own timeless style and is usable, or wearable."

Many people fall into the trap of buying vintage pieces just for the designer label. Don’t! Only buy designer items if you are sure they are genuine, and you actually like them.

You will soon learn your favourites and stick to them. Bally’s sturdy leather boots are a favourite.