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Blue's curiously different die-a-ramas

Blue was born in California and is Mexican/American. She moved to the UK in the late 1980s and has always loved London, especially "the artistic craze" that was happening at the time she arrived in town.

Blue has no formal training in art, but has always been creative and started making her unique curiosity boxes and memento mori, which she calls ‘die-a-ramas’, as a hobby around ten years ago. She’s also been "involved in the tattoo scene" since the 1980s and has been based at a well known tattoo parlour in London since the early ‘90s.

Blue’s work was inspired by her travels through Mexico, especially by the macabre dioramas she saw there, which made her want to make something really interesting – and being half Mexican made it seem all the more appropriate. She was encouraged by her friends, but had also been seeking an outlet for her prodigious creativity.

Blue is really pleased to now be offering her pieces at ShopCurious and says she’s very impressed with the “cool things people are making there.” She in turn loves it when someone says "wow, I love what you're doing, will you make me one.”

Blue’s unusual and sometimes morbid curiosities are individually put together by hand using found objects, collected on her travels. She often discovers something that inspires her and works a piece instinctively around that, using whatever she has on her table at home at the time. This seems to inlcude quite a few skulls... although Blue claims that the box or container she picks out is often the original inspiration for a diorama.

Blue’s biggest influence, though, is religious iconography: Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist icons are what started her on her journey of collecting and decorating vintage tins and and putting together weird and wonderful collages.

In addition to quirky and kitsch devotional memorabilia, Blue also uses trashy icon art and imagery from America (Las Vegas gambling, cowgirls etc), influences from flim noir and old 60s TV series – together with references to curious stories and works of fiction like Alice in Wonderland.

Blue says that she thrives in her workplace, as well as her back garden - but further afield, Shoreditch, Cafe Pacifico in Covent garden and Camden passage are amongst her favourite haunts, along with Mexico and Thailand. Her dream dining companion would be Frida Kahlo, to whom she has dedicated one of her glittering creations.

Ultimately, Blue would love to work with clients on individually commissioned pieces, as well as on larger scale projects, making customised altars for instance. She had such great fun designing a window display for an advertising agency recently and would very much like the opportunity to work on a similar assignment – so, lovers of votive vitrines and all things curious, you know where to come...