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Natalie Queyraud's curiously irreverent fashion icon jewellery

“I’m fascinated by images, I love looking at everything, and I love to make my own translation of what I see. One image, one hundred people, one hundred translations: it’s just magical! It’s one of the only things that makes you feel unique,” says Nathalie Queyraud. She goes on to describe herself as “a small, blonde, French girl.” Well my interpretation of her image is certainly different - I’d describe her as gamine and startlingly pretty, with eyes that smile - and yes, she’s charmingly French.

Nathalie started out in films, television and music, but made jewellery as a hobby. It wasn’t until she was thirty that she finally plucked up the courage to study the art formally at the prestigious jewellery school of the Louvre in Paris. And now she has two collections: one fine jewellery, the other costume. She explains, “one for the work, the precision, the dream, the stones, the hours behind the jewel - and one for the fun, to make people smile, to pay homage to other artists, to be reverent… and irreverent. But I swear I have just one boyfriend…”

Pieces from Nathalie’s costume jewellery range, Defiles* from Paris, are now available at ShopCurious - and curiously irreverent they are too. Click on the images to read more about the concept behind Defiles’ Fashion Protection rosaries. (*Defiles has accute accents on the 'e's in French, and means 'catwalk shows').

Just as Brazil has Corcovado and its lucky charms, Italy the Colisuem and its Madonnas, Paris has its fashion week, with Fashion Protection provided by Defiles from Paris. “Why shouldn’t people who are crazy about fashion have their favourite designers for spiritual protection,” asks the designer. “Surely there’s nothing better for a fashionista than being under the protection of Karl, Anna or Jean Paul? Plus, fashion rosaries can be worn from morning to evening, from fashion week to after parties, from the beaches of Ibiza to the streets of Paris. In Fashion Gods we trust!”

All of Nathalie’s jewellery is made in Paris with the help of small artisans who work by hand. Each of the designs is created uniquely by Nathalie herself. She produces two collections a year for each of her brands, so is constantly busy.

“My inspiration comes from everything,” she says, “I love Marocco, I’m crazy about fashion, everything related to the end of the 19th century interests me - Victorian, Edwardian - and my daughter of 10 months, called Pearl. I have complete admiration for Yves St Laurent and I’m totally addicted to flea markets too.”

If you’re looking for places to see in Paris, Nathalie suggests that you pop into the Galerie Vivienne for an English scone, as well as visiting the Rodin Museum, the Merci store and spending at least a day in the Hammam Pacha. Further afield, Nathalie is a fan of the Langham Hotel in London. She describes all of Italy below Rome as magical, “Naples, Capri, every single square metre is amazing.” She enjoys the electricity of New York, everything about Morocco and loves to cycle in Amsterdam, where she lived for a while.

Nathalie's dream is to create a collection with bags and accessories, as well as jewellery, to be sold around the world. And ShopCurious wishes lots of success to the small, blonde, French girl with smiling eyes and big plans for the future...

By the way, I'm curious to know which fashion icon you've chosen to be your guardian angel?