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The curiously intriguing designer, Kacper Hamilton

Kacper Hamilton was born in London, where he grew up and went to Christ's Hospital boarding school from the age of 11. He spent most of his early years being creative whether it be drawing, sculpting or making things. Kacper wasn't interested in academic subjects and strongly believes he was brought into this world to work in the creative realm. However, when he was about 15, he started reading a lot of classical literature, which had a great influence on his life and work. This enabled him to “see the world from the past & present moment. I tried to live and design work which incorporated the best qualities from all of time. I wanted my life and my design to be timeless.”

Kacper went straight from school to study Product Design (BA) at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, where he learned how to design for a particular brief. It was here that he became more of a designer than an artist, although he very much likes to combine both art and design in his work. In the summer of 2007, Kacper was employed as a design assistant at the 'Fredrikson Stallard' studio in East London, where he was fascinated to learn how the prestigious design duo approach their work.

His last year of studies was by far the best and most rewarding, “I finally managed to set myself free and immerse myself in pure design”, he says. He was also fortunate to get the first set of his ‘Deadly Glasses’ sponsored by the Schott glass company. Since the first CSM show, the glasses have been shown at 100% Detail, Tent London and may soon be shown in Italy, Spain and France. They are now also exclusively available for sale via the ShopCurious website.

Now for some more about Kacper and his work: Kacper’s mother is an artist and he was “always led by the hand to different exhibitions and art private views. I came to love art and I then started becoming interested in design. I think design provides more opportunities, as you can be a commercial designer as well as a one-off piece designer. You have the knowledge to design products and furniture as well as being able to create art. I love the concept of design, as when you have the basics you can design and make anything that comes into your mind; your imagination is the only limit.”

Kacper also explains that “everything in life is curious for me. I believe every person in this world has their curious ways and habits. As a designer it is sometimes great to observe these strange habits and use them for inspiration in design. Perhaps I am curious as I am a person who is living in the 21st century, whilst my mind and soul are living in the 17th century. I am very inspired by the way of life in such past times, so I try and combine the good parts from all these different eras. I am traditional but perhaps slightly unusual in my appearance and formal and gentlemanlike in my behavior - for me this is normal but perhaps this makes me curious to others.” 

Kacper says he doesn’t have an ideal customer – “I don't like the concept of stereotypes” he says, “it’s too communist for my liking.”  His approach to design is very much akin to the ShopCurious philosophy of slow design.

He explains that he likes to approach his design in a traditional style, using high quality materials and products which are made by hand by experienced craftsmen. “This comes from my inspiration: the way of life in previous centuries, where cloths and furniture were bespoke and made to order. Everything was custom made so each person had some sort of involvement in the design process,“ he adds. He believes that now things are mass produced we have to make compromises by picking something ‘off the shelf’ and he thinks it’s sad that many mass produced items, especially in technology, are soon obsolete and replaced by a more modern, better or faster version. Kacper’s approach to design is very thorough, “paying attention to every detail and to make sure that all is executed perfectly. I like to use materials that are strong, durable and are of high class quality.” Every collection takes a different amount of time. At the moment I am working on a signature collection which I hope to complete and show within the next year. I always take into consideration where the materials I use come from and I like to find my materials and craftsmen locally, especially in England.”

As for the inspiration for Kacper’s work, he says that “at the moment most of my inspiration comes from classical literature, mainly from 17-19th century - especially by writers such as Marquis de Sade, Charles Baudelaire and Alexander Dumas. I am intrigued by the way of life portrayed and the etiquette and mannerisms involved. I normally pick up on a few things in a book, take a note of them and try and create some sort design related to that idea/philosophy.”

Kacper loves London “as it is the golden city of opportunity.” He also likes spending time in West Sussex in the countryside, whether it for a picnic or a game of golf “I just love the scenery. There are also many other places I am planning to visit soon such as Cuba & Japan.”  Kacper is currently setting up a small studio in London to work on his new collection. He’d also really like to collaborate with other designers, architects and fashion designers on larger projects. In addition, he has ambitions to design a golf course: “I am an absolute fanatic and would love to apply my style to the traditional world of golf”, he explains.

Given his choice of who to sit next to at a dinner party, Kacper says that his “number one choice would have to be the infamous Marquis de Sade. I am sure the conversation would be entertaining, controversial and of an indulgent and debaucherous nature.”

How curious. Thanks Kacper, I think that’s as much as we need to know for now.